Groundwater Management Plans

Pegasus Geoscience assists clients in the preparation of Groundwater Management Plans to meet the requirements of the California Groundwater Management Act, which was initially established in 1992 (AB3030) and later amended in 2002 (SB1938). The Act provides agencies with greater management authority over their groundwater resources.  Preparation of Groundwater Management Plans (GWMPs) is addressed within the Act through the California Water Code (CWC) Part 2.75 Section 10753.  GWMPs also need to address groundwater monitoring program requirements, as applicable, for the California Statewide Groundwater Elevation Monitoring program established in 2009 through SBx7-6.

GWMPs need to include the needs of stakeholders, protect against the depletion of groundwater supplies, minimize the potential for inelastic subsidence, and minimize the risk of contamination of groundwater and surface water supplies.  GWMPs also need to identify all beneficial uses, project future land use changes, and estimate demands from population growth. Adequate groundwater recharge capability to sustain groundwater storage and groundwater elevations must be considered. Meeting these diverse needs requires groundwater management practices focused on the sustainability of groundwater resources; such practices should provide protection and maintenance of both groundwater quality and quantity through time.

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